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Dwayne Johnson pasa un día en el rodaje de 'Los Vigilantes de la Playa' con un joven fan que padece cáncer

The Rock continúa realmente implicado con el rodaje de 'Baywatch', su próximo gran proyecto junto a actores como Zac Efron. Es conocido el uso que el actor hace de las redes sociales para anunciar noticias sobre el rodaje de la cinta y su vida personal, y su última publicación ha aunado ambos mundos. Así, Johnson ha compartido una fotografía junto a un pequeño fan que padece cáncer, y que tenía como gran deseo conocer a su ídolo, "La Roca".

Dwayne Johnson en la premiere de 'Vaiana'

Gtres Dwayne Johnson en la premiere de 'Vaiana'

Publicidad | @seestrena | Madrid
| 03.05.2016 12:09

El sueño de un niño se ha cumplido por fin: ha conocido a Dwayne Johnson, su gran ídolo. El joven Gabriel Singleton padece cáncer, y su gran deseo siempre ha sido pasar un día junto a The Rock.

El niño, cuyo apodo es "Tater", ha visitado el set de rodaje de 'Los Vigilantes de la Playa' junto a su gran ídolo y éste ha decidido compartir varias fotografías junto al pequeño en su perfil de Instagram.

Al parecer, "Tater" escribió una carta en la que explicaba cómo la actitud positiva de Dwayne Johnson le hacía más fuerte para poder superar la enfermedad, y el escrito obtuvo respuesta: Johnson invitó al joven al rodaje de 'Baywatch'.

Además, The Rock le regaló a "Tater" un póster personalizado en el que él era el protagonista de 'Los Vigilantes de la Playa', y también registró el momento en vídeo. Mira los detalles más tiernos a continuación:

Been a long time coming, but I finally met the one and only "Tater". This very special lil' 7yr old boy has been battling cancer for 4yrs now. Multiple surgeries, chemo, radiation treatments and stem cell transplants. You name it, this lil' boy has gone thru it. He's had one request. Meet me. He spent the day with me on our #Baywatch set. Watched me film and in between scenes we'd hang out, have some laughs and have some good talks. One of the good talks we had was about every time he goes into the hospital for treatments he takes two things: his Rock action figure (which I'm holding) and his stuffed animal, appropriately just named "puppy". He even made these shirts for us. "Strong As The Rock" and "Live Like Tater". He told me every time he gets treatments he wants to be strong like me. I told him he's already way stronger I'll ever be. He just giggled not really knowing what I meant. One day he will. Spent all afternoon with Tater and his beautiful family. Lots of tears were shed among us. Joyful tears. Grateful tears. I don't know why things happen the way they do in this life. Gotta have faith that there's a bigger reason or lesson for us. Sometimes I'm not sure. But I can tell you this with all my heart and soul that meeting lil' Tater and all these little kids over the years who for some reason far unbeknownst to me, look at me as their hero - is a thousand times way more important than any movie or any "thing" I could ever do or accomplish in my life. Having this platform to shine a little light on the path that these brave children walk - is by far the best part of fame. LIVE LIKE TATER this lil' 7yr old says. Strong. Loving. Happy. You stay strong big man. Me and puppy always got your back ~ Rock

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The big moment where we surprised lil' 7yr old cancer warrior named "Tater" with his own #BAYWATCH movie poster! I wish you guys could've seen his face when I turned this frame around. When I told him "we're all so inspired by you, especially me" and looked down at him and saw him lookin' up at me, nodding his head with those big eyes.. good Lord I almost lost it in front of him and the whole damn crew. (that actually happened to me once before when I was accepting an award on stage and as I thanked my family, I just happened to catch my daughter Simone's eyes and sweet cheese on an ice cream sammich I almost lost it again). I did exactly what I did here.. paused, gazed into space like a crazy man and told myself "you better hold it together dammit", shook it off and proceeded to continue. Despite my almost tearing up like a baby and ruining my tough guy image, the greatest and I think most beautiful irony about Tater, is that this very special little boy has no idea just how much he inspires all of us around him. One day he will. #OnSet #OurWholeBaywatchCrew #UnforgettableMoment #LiveLikeTater #AndRocksDontCry * special thank you our good buddy and one of Hollywood's greatest photographers @jaimietrueblood and the @forthewinproject charity creating this awesome poster for Tater.

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'Los Vigilantes de la Playa', en la cual The Rock ejerce de protagonista y de productor, se encuentra actualmente en pleno proceso de rodaje y llegará a los cines en mayo de 2017