1. El interior de una guitarra

The inside of this guitar looks like an apartment I can't afford from r/pics

2. Un nenufar del revés

This is what the underside of a Lilly Pad looks like from r/pics

3. Un barco de guerra sin agua

What a modern battleship looks like with no water around it from r/interestingasfuck

4. El teatro desde dentro

Looking into a theatre from behind the stage. from r/woahdude

5. Un scanner

Have you ever wondered what a CT Scanner looks like without the cover on it?

6.- El interior de la Torre de Pisa

The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is empty from r/mildlyinteresting

7. Detrás de una pantalla de cine

Here's what the space behind a movie theater screen looks like from r/pics

8.- Lo que hay bajo una gasolinera

What it looks like underground at a gas station. from r/mildlyinteresting